Birch Island Restoration and Trail Project
Concept for restoration (larger version)
Birch Island Creek flows through the centre of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, creating the Island that was one of the community's first settlements. The Island is hugely significant to the area, both historically and ecologically, with its ample shoreline, fertile soil and endless wetlands teaming with wildlife, it holds fond memories for former residents and their families, and provides important wetlands and habitat to the region.

The Island, now uninhabited, had been left in disrepair, after years of degradation by development, wastewater discharge, illegal dumping and recreational use by motorized vehicles. In 2009 the wetland habitat on Birch Island was designated as a management unit through a municipal stewardship agreement, protecting it from future development.

Healthy Waters Labrador has taken on the restoration and transformation of Birch Island into a Wetland Conservation and Education Area, protecting the habitat and wetland ecosystem found there, and showcasing its beauty for visitors.

Upon completion Birch Island will be an 800ha wilderness area featuring wetland, forest, beach, and the Churchill River, and offering 5 km of boardwalk, trails, viewing and rest platforms, a viewing tower, outdoor classroom for school programs and a memorial parkette honouring the families that once lived there. A top destination for recreation-seekers and nature lovers alike!