About Healthy Waters Labrador
Completed fencing at Birch Island project (larger version)
Healthy Waters Labrador is a not-for-profit environmental organization, based in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, with a focus on the health of the four main watersheds of the Upper Lake Melville region: Grand Lake, Goose Bay, Lower Churchill and the Lake Melville watersheds.

HWL was originally formed in 2005, and has evolved over the years with government and community priorities. HWL serves as an umbrella organization for many environmental initiatives in the region.
HWL is comprised of a Board of Directors, with five member-at-large seats and reserved seats for various community partners, including aboriginal governments and organizations, various levels of government and other environmental organizations.
To foster and promote healthy, sustainable aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems through stewardship, education and research in partnership with various stakeholders in the Upper Lake Melville region of Labrador.
HWL Focus Area (larger version)
Geographical Focus Area
The geographical Focus Area of HWL's work is an area of approximately 32,000 km² encompassing the four main watersheds of the Upper Lake Melville region: Grand Lake watershed, Goose Bay watershed, Lower Churchill watershed and the Lake Melville watershed. The boundary of the Focus Area follows the outer boundaries of these four watersheds. All four Upper Lake Melville region communities (North West River, Sheshatshiu, Mud Lake and Happy Valley-Goose Bay) are located within these watersheds.